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10-Sep-2015 18:38

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Technology has merely exposed what many women have been lamenting for years: men are lazy in their pursuit of women and generally take the easiest route possible to do so.This is highly ironic when you consider the fact that most women measure their value in a man’s life not by his words but by the effort he puts forth in pursuing them.This is the same environment where you have a corresponding – and likely much higher – number of men doing all in their power to invest the least amount of effort possible in pursuing these women. To avoid confusion here, let me state unequivocally that I believe modern men are lazier than past generations of men.From my non-scientific observations, most men are lazier in both their courting activities and their general willingness to court at all.I’ve written before about Modern Men Being Too Lazy to Court due in part to advancements in technology, like the computer, cell phone, and the evil cesspit of modernization known as “Facebook”.However, I never touched on how modern men became lazy in the first place.Instead, for many women, it seems like men their age (and older) are just looking to have fun.

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I covered this topic in, Do Women Have Less Good Men to Choose From.

If women keep saying there aren’t enough good, marrying-aged, stable men to choose from and men keep saying there are plenty of good men to choose from, except women aren’t choosing those men, which one is right, men or women?