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19-Aug-2015 00:29

However any help testing it will be greatly appreciated!I really hope that even non-yaoi fans will try the game, since I believe it has a very nice art, GUI, music and writing.I’ll start first by adding all of them to the base game, and then if there’s enough time (and I’m not burned out too much!) I’ll also see if I can add some sort of “free play mode” or something like that.I’m also interested to know what people think of the scheduler/stat raising system.It’s a bit similar to Roommates, but it has also some “skill checks” to do, so you need to plan and think more what to do next.This way I could even add the extra cards who were planned for the DLC.

Unless the beta is for a RPG, in that case I’m usually busy fixing bugs/adding features, so I have no time for anything else!Anyway, while Heirs & Graces beta goes on, alongside it will finally decide what to do with PSCD and the extra romances.

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