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20-Feb-2015 12:04

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If the opening sentence appears confusing, read this: You get a mail which says “ABC wants you to join, click here to Join else ABC may think you said NO to his/her request” (See image).You know that person, so click YES or ACCEPT and you’re taken to registration page of that website, where you’re required to enter your email password besides other details.Also has changed its user interface and now sharing email password is not mandatory, though you're tempted to do so.This is a good development and my below post is now rendered somewhat redundant.------------- Original Post begins -----------------An observation which I call a side effect of Web2.0 concept, many of the community websites are openly misusing web service technology to increase their member base by invading everyone’s privacy under false identity.If you’ve experienced above scenario, you might be wondering why this is happening or what is going on. Once you enter your email password at (or any other such sites) following happens: will electronically approach your email service provider and says the following: “See, I’ve been authorized by Mr.ABC to enter his/her mailbox and collect email IDs in his/her address book.Without knowing the impact, you provide your email password as well and proceed with browsing the site.

”The email client is thus fooled into believing that you’ve really authorized (because password is found valid) and gives all email addresses in your address book to

Last year while I was writing this post, a decent login page which invited visitors to signup by giving their email ID and email password (subsequently spamming all contacts in their addressbook).

At present this site shows links to some adult content and should be avoided.

Next moment Yaari got what it wanted, it sends invitation to all these addresses under your identity saying you want them to register at (while you’re not even aware what is going on).

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This post has no information as to what desktop dating is.