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18-May-2016 13:12

: This tutorial was updated for Swift and i OS 8 by Brad Johnson.

Original post by Ray Wenderlich with updates by Ellen Shapiro.

You should see an empty split view controller: Now run it on an i Phone simulator (any of them except the i Phone 6 plus, which is large enough that it will act just like the i Pad version) and you will it starts off showing the detail view in full screen, and allows you to tap the back button on the navigation bar to pop back to the master view controller: On i Phones besides i Phone 6 Plus, the i OS 8 version of Split View Controller will act just like a traditional master detail app with a navigation controller pushing and popping back and forth.

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On an app running on the i Pad, it would rarely make sense to have a full-screen table view like you do so often on i Phone – there’s just too much space.

To make better use of that space, the comes to the rescue.

This knowledge will be helpful as you continue to use it in future projects (even if you choose the Master-Detail template in the future to save time!

) Open Since you deleted the default initial view controller from the storyboard, you need to tell the storyboard that you want your split view controller to be the initial view controller.

This tutorial focuses on split view controllers; you should already be familiar with the basics of auto layout and storyboards before continuing. Although you could use the “Master-Detail Application” template as a starting point, you’re going to start from scratch with the “Single View Application” template.This is so you can get a better understanding of exactly how the UISplit View Controller works.

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