Dhcp not updating in dns

07-Dec-2015 11:47

The NIC is set to dynamically receive its IP and DNS settings via DHCP which it obtains from the DSL router.

Executing ipconfig from a DOS prompt shows that this is occurring as expected, with an assigned IP of

2- The DNS settings in the router are fine, as the laptop works Perhaps coincidentally, the same day it stopped working they received one of those bogus "This is Microsoft calling" calls claiming their PC was infected, but they had heard of the scam and hung up.

Naturally, I started suspecting a virus, but a full system scan using Mc Affee produced nothing. You are correct it is unlikely it is the router or the DNS.

If it was a DNS changing virus, would I not still be able to ping the router using the IP address? When you cannot ping the router you are at the MAC level.

I also tried static settings in the available range and tried using open DNS IP addresses.

They also have a laptop which connects to the same router wirelessly using DHCP and it is working fine.

The gateway and dns are set to the IP address of the router, which is

dhcp not updating in dns-15

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From the laptop, I can ping the router and running ipconfig shows that it obtains the same gateway and dns as the PC and the next available IP - 1292.168.2.11.So this leads me to believe the following: 1- The router, NIC and cat 5 ethernet cable are working fine at the hardware level.