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C.," bringing fans of teen soap along for a look at life inside the mansions of Newport Beach. From the real story behind Mischa Barton's departure to the Cohens' original name, and the missed coupling opportunities to the star who didn't even make it onto "The O.The Fox drama, which premiered on August 5, 2003, was filled with envelope-pushing sexual encounters, Juicy Couture jumpsuits, Death Cab for Cutie, trips to T. C.'s" first poster, read on to see what Schwartz revealed to The Huffington Post while looking back on "The O.

For those of you who don’t remember, Mc Kenzie played Ryan Atwood, a poor teen from Chino who was taken off the streets by Peter Gallagher and his eyebrows. What if Ryan decided to ditch his architecture career, change his name to Police Commissioner Gordon, and fight crime on the dirty, gang-filled streets of Gotham City? Theresa was played by Navi Rawat and was Ryan's childhood friend and prom date. and an excellent way for these two to carry on their on-screen romance off into the sunset. Mc Kenzie and Mischa Barton are clearly made for one another. They could reunite on set and rekindle that flame behind the scenes. She was Kirsten's half-sister from Caleb's affair with his secretary. Sadie left Newport Beach so she wouldn't stand in the way of Ryan's college dreams, which is as selfless as you can get in high school.Orange County/Newport Beach was an entirely new world to me and I, of course, was never going to fit in into that world, but I saw what was appealing about it ...On the one hand, a lot of the kids and their parents espoused very conservative, Ralph Lauren-wearing values and then, you know, when the sun goes down, it was a very different lifestyle," he said."You don't ever want to write something with the point of view like you're looking down on what you're writing about.

It's sad that Chrismukkah was ruined when she found out her dad was Caleb though.

It has been a decade since Ryan Atwood (Benjamin Mc Kenzie) had his first entree into life in "The O. C." first hit the airwaves, which made him the youngest TV creator ever and probably, one of the only ones who would admit to penning a highly-acclaimed pilot in his boxer shorts.