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There is a deeply touching scene in the burned-out shell of Joe's house, where he cries over the death of Alice and than Ben embraces his son, as they both cry for the death of Alice, which in reality was for the loss of Dan Blocker. On May 13th, Michael Landon was in Kentucky visiting his wife's relatives and Lorne Greene was making a personal appearance in Baltimore, Maryland. Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California. In shot #19, Michael has noted Joe will not be riding the Paint horse on the trail while in the Sierra.

His wife, Dolphia called the ambulance to take him back to the hospital to learn what was happening to him. Trivia: The opening credits used reprinted film stock and in this episode, one can see the 1965 ride-up at Nevada Beach for a few seconds and the 1972 ride-up and credits at Brown's Meadow dissolves in frame. This was the 430th and last episode aired on January 16, 1973, yet the 429 episode filmed in the series in October 1972. In English it goes like this: 'Are you sleeping, are you sleeping, brother John? Morning bells are ringing, morning bells are ringing, ding, ding, dong, ding, ding dong.' Michael Landon Trivia: The scripted first draft of "The Hunter" on September 19, 1972, has some differences from the filmed episode, which was filmed little over a month later, beginning on the last Monday of October 1972, shortly before Michael's 36th birthday.

On the morning of May 13th, he was complaining of chest pains and shortness of breath. Trivia: William Sylvester, Don Knight, and Ivan Bonar make their last appearances on the series. The old man takes Joe back to the Ponderosa, (which is not seen in the filmed episode) and with a final quick glimpse of the Ponderosa interior in the first act. Music Trivia: David Rose and his orchestra and Tom Skerritt dominate this episode's musical track with the song "Frere Jacqua".

He was having a 74-foot yacht built for his pleasure on the Thames River in England and named it "Dolphia". He senses Joe is there and slowly walks down the deserted street, ready to gun him down and end the game. Atop the jail's roof, he throws a rock down the flue pipe into the jail and Tanner goes for the door and Joe bolts him inside. Later of TV's, "Picket Fences" and also in many feature films in his long career. Not to mention much more time away from the series to spend with his family with lesser episodes being filmed per season. Tanner is full of stamina and runs into the edge of town, whistling the errie tune. Hal Burton...(& uncredited; horseback double and falling double for Michael Landon and jail cell double for Tom Skerritt),... He was previously seen in six's, "Thanks For Everything, Friend", as Jerry.