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These are less impressive than they sound: he obtained his doctorates by mail-order and never taught at a school requiring accredited credentials. His dissertation was made for sale as an e-book, entitled What on Earth is about to Happen... : A Dissertation on End Times According to the Bible, and claims Jesus will return in 2028.

As of 2013, Hovind claims four doctorates, in education, theology and biblical ministry with an honorary degree in divinity. Hovind neglects to mention which institutions awarded the theological doctorate and honorary divinity doctorate, probably because — like the Patriot doctorates — they are also the educational equivalent of an online ordination by the Universal Life Church. His blog, however, warned supporters that any mail addressed to "Dr.

Hovind (or, to use his full academic title, Kent E.

Hovind) is a young Earth creationist, promoter of imminent millennialism, and convicted felon.

Hovind listed himself as "Dr." in the Pensacola phone book, which is unusual even for someone with a real M. Kent Hovind" at the prison where he resided would be returned by the prison's mailroom staff..

Hovind was released from federal custody on 8 July 2015 with three years' probation.Not satisfied with this record of failure, in 2001, Hovind started Dinosaur Adventure Land, an amusement park in his backyard.Hovind subscribes to strawman theory, which holds that the government can't touch you because "KENT HOVIND" and "Kent Hovind" aren't the same. This "sovereign American" nonsense (and his support of tax protesting) understandably hurt his case in court.Hovind promotes young Earth creationist and Christian dominionist views in lectures and videos sold or publicized through his Creation Science Evangelism organization (despite having no legitimate comet did it.

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Hovind then proceeded to ignore all scientific evidence on dinosaurs gathered this side of 1960.Despite having no scientific credentials or even an accredited degree, he presents himself as someone who understands the science of evolution better than people with advanced science degrees who research in labs and publish peer-reviewed papers.