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A manthropologist on a mission, the restaurant became my laboratory as I developed my food theory as a litmus test for lovers.I set up a website, Take Me Out To Lunch.com, through which I asked men to assist me with my study by accompanying me for a meal.My dining adventures took me from the sublime to the raddichioless as I ate my way to a new understanding of the male sex.I went dumpster diving on a date with a freegan, went on a foraging date in Central Park, went out for lunch with the Naked Cowboy, dined in the pitch dark, and even dined nude with the Clothing Optional Dinner Group.I also joined every service I could find—from millionaire matchmakers to gourmet dinner groups, wine tastings, and singles' sushi classes—in an effort to meet as large a variety of men as possible.I dined with more than 100 men of every gourmet genus at a variety of venues, from dive bars to celebrated restaurants.I taste tested every variety of man and reveled in every culinary encounter that I could.

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Before writing this book, author Babe Scott discovered she was incompatible with her then-fiance in part because he ate only cheap, unhealthy, packaged foods.To a foodie who likes nutritious meals and fine dining, that matters.