Direct tv guide is not updating

28-Jan-2015 05:57

Instead, it now has KMCIDT2 as ID "". 2015-04-19 .828 [DEBUG][1] Plugin Resolve Event Handler: System.In effect, this is problem was caused by your EPG source changing the IDs of channels. That said, we saw a few occurrences of mc2xml doing this, so a work around was put in the 3.3.8, to automatically cope with it. [...startup] 2015-04-19 .326 [DEBUG][1] Created mutex. Resolve Event Args 2015-04-19 .829 [DEBUG][1] Known plugin directories: Ok so this is what I did... I also moved the batch folder into the propper file and will see if it updates...Yep, as I said above, it looks like the channel IDs have changed in your xmltv file, so there is no listings for most of the mappings.A couple of examples for you: KCTV was originally mapped to the channel ID "", but there is no listings for this channel in your xmltyv file.At the simplest, you could create a c:\epg directory or something like that. I would love something that would generate automatically... Next PVR runs C:\Users\Public\NPVR\Scripts\Update (if it exists) immediately prior to running it's EPG update.Lots of people run mc2xml from there to have it happen automatically.Instead, it now has KCTV as ID "".KMCIDT2 was originally mapped to the channel ID "", but this is no longer in your xmltv file.

Is this what you're expecting, or something different?You're running 3.2.9, so you'll either need to upgrade to the most recent version, or manually remap your channel listings. I did a System Restore at the point before I attempted to update NPVR.... I am not putting my faith in this since I have had so many errors I am pretty sure something is missing and I will probably get more errors, but I guess we will see.a system restore wouldn't have any effect on NPVR's files, so everything is still updated. But I have had problems with mc2xml randomly not working after a while.

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