Discreat dating sites

10-Oct-2016 01:36

Can't find anything in the forum on Sweet Discreet, so let me introduce it: I just spent a couple of weeks there, with a short trial membership to get full functionality.

My first impression was that most of the local members were - how can I say this - real dogs. It encourages enough narrative to start to get a bit of a feel for what a person is looking for.

Generic stuff that ignored anything I had said in my initiating message.

The craziest thing was that I was getting stuff from all over the world - Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand. I did a couple of trial memberships, and came across some profiles that seemed truly legit in my area and seemed like I was getting enough action to make it worth my while.

You decide whether you want to sort through this looking for somebody real. A few of the local pics may be real (But, as an earler poster correctly wrote; they are dogs.) The other profiles and pics are complete fakes....created by the company to lure you into attempted conversations...which never materialize. I was on the site for a couple weeks, and came away with only one real reply, which led to nothing after that.

It's easy enough to post for free with a slightly scrambled email address. I suspect the website originates in Eastern Europe or Asia.... " I carefully reviewed a few pics from a woman supposedly from Houston, TX .. Obviously they pay these cam chicks to email and contact new members especially to keep them interested. I'm definitely not wasting my time on this site anymore..seems like a big hoax.

Just be careful what you click on during the billing.I was getting flirts and faves, and got a couple of replies, but they bore all the signs of fakes.That makes me think that those profiles were real, or some kind of scam site reverse psychology, because there were some real double baggers. It has its own "Hot or Not" style feature, called the Connection Game.The Search function is so-so, with the basics, but not really detailed search filters. Cost is average, with billing through Epoch, which seems to be honest.

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I receiveved one or two "responses" to e-mails I had written...the syntax and grammar was entirely inappropriate for an American woman. but a few details in the pic STRONGLY suggested Eastern Europe. If a womans handle has a number after it, it is fake. Pretty simple to check fake profiles on dating sites nowadays.(Euro light switches, Euro products on a table, etc.) This site is a scam...avoid at all costs. For example "pleasureseeker2" and almost all of them have numbers at the end of their name. Just do an image search on Google [images.google.com] for anyone you think may be fake.