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07-Aug-2015 10:58

Its called the civil servant it doesnt work and it cant be fired But the most odd thing about it is that it is very destructive nevertheless or, at least, very obstructive.

30 September, 2013 In brief BUREAUCRACY: Britain has invented a new missile.

Returning from our friends, my girlfriend and I could not overcome our passionate nature and wanted to feel a sense of thrill near a railway track, a police statement quoted the 41-year-old man as saying.A police spokesman separately said on Sunday that the pair was believed to have been drunk.Such protective measures follow the disclosure by the fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden that Americas National Security Agency had bugged Indias Permanent Mission at the United Nations in New York and its embassy in Washington.The use of typewriters appears to have become something of a trend.

Officials also apparently step out of the embassys premises in Aldwych to discuss sensitive matters in order to dodge dedicated satellites and possible bugs installed on the premises.Top secret cables are now written on typewriters which cannot be tracked, Jamini Bhagwati, the Indian High Commissioner to London, told the Times of India.