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The TL sound is common in the Aztec language but not in Spanish.The Spaniards inserted an A between the T and L and pronounced the drink CHOCOLATE. of the more comedic series of the era was Mahoromatic, produced by Gainax and Shaft.When the Spanish arrived in Mexico they came across the Aztecs. The Aztecs had a drink which they made from a bean they called CHOCO (bitter).They would put this bean into water (ATL) to produce CHOCO-ATL (bitter water).

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I always like looking back on series that I have enjoyed and going through a Megami Magazine from 10 years ago is a good way of doing that.Note that I’ve censored any nudity, but ecchi (NSFW) images are still hidden in the links.The first poster is of some of the girls from Memories Off 2nd.I never actually watched this anime, but I do remember it being popular enough to spawn several titles.

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As for the quality of the poster image, I think that it would be considered good even by today’s standards. Angel, Kiddy Grade, and more recently, Mawaru Penguindrum.On the reverse is an original character design by Keiji Gotoh, who also designed the characters for Nadesico and Those Who Hunt Elves. Another successful series around this time was You’re Under Arrest.