Docky weather not updating

06-May-2016 17:45

The fact that it stopped working for both of us at the same time leads me to believe it wasn't an isolated incident.

No problems at all with weather updates in Stockton CA on XP and Vista.

In the meantime, any suggestions for possible replacements would be nice.

depending on the version of Odock you're running the docklet either draws from or accuweatherif you do a search in the Odock gallery there's several in there - they just don't have flyouts that I recall It's the one that draws from And go me, I tried updating to the newest version, and it works fine. kratonator, have you tried just installing a new version? skinid=2049&libid=29 For those of you having a problem with the weather docklet, since it was working before, did you make any changes in security programs or firewalls that could be blocking it getting access to update? Not intentionally, but there was a Windows update about a week ago, it's possible it closed a security hole that also interfered with this I suppose.

Take ownership of your system, you'll make the right choice. If you have the Plus version and you are getting this issue please try out the current beta.

If you have done that and still have troubles please let us know at [email protected]

Do I restore the system to the point before the weather stopped working? Cheers,krat If you have an old version it is likely linked to which we are no longer working with. If you have the current free version there were several server fixes that are available but only to the Plus beta.

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Since Thursday or Friday it only displays "Weather Information not Available". The default weather docklet that's bundled with OD.The free version does work but certain servers on Accu Weather are simply not available to it.

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