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CREATE FUNCTION substr Count(s VARCHAR(255), ss VARCHAR(255)) RETURNS TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED LANGUAGE SQL NOT DETERMINISTIC READS SQL DATABEGIN DECLARE count TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED; DECLARE offset TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED; DECLARE CONTINUE HANDLER FOR SQLSTATE '02000' SET s = NULL; SET count = 0; SET offset = 1; REPEAT IF NOT ISNULL(s) AND offset delimiter ; Use like this: SELECT substr Count('/this/is/a/path', '/') `count`;`count` would return 4 in this case.

There isn't a split function so using the other comments here I've devised this: SELECT DISTINCT REVERSE(LEFT(REVERSE(email), LOCATE('@', REVERSE(email)) - 1)) AS domain FROM table ORDER BY domain Reverses email, counts the characters from left minus the @.

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For functions that operate on string positions, the first position is numbered 1.This function implements the original Soundex algorithm, not the more popular enhanced version (also described by D. The difference is that original version discards vowels first and duplicates second, whereas the enhanced version discards duplicates first and vowels second.