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A tabulation of bids, or bid tabs, is generated and verified for each bidder on every project.This information is made available to the various divisions and districts on a Data on Terminal (DOTS) File once the bids have been verified by the Construction Division.Since the Tx DOT low bid prices are actual contract bid prices, the estimator must realize that if a contractor has unbalanced a bid, only the estimator’s experience and judgment can identify if the prices truly reflect the conventional bid prices for the items.Unbalanced bidding is the somewhat common practice of a contractor setting higher-than-conventional bid prices on items which will yield large payouts early in the construction process.Previously submitted bid prices or average low bid prices should only be used as a starting point from which a more accurate unit bid price can be derived with good engineering judgment.

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Unit prices are usually determined by locating previously submitted low bid prices or average low bid prices and adjusting them to fit the project being estimated.All projects are different, and the prices bid for one project can vary substantially from prices bid on others.

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