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During a course a participant informed about Access' possibility to create a full outer join. You'll find a good article on this at following blog topic.If you've gone into the topic of joins, you might have realised too there isn't really a feature doing that - there's an inner join, a left and right join, but no way in one go to get a full outer join. What I hadn't realised yet is that in pre-2007 versions, there was an option in the 'page field zone' to hide certain items from appearing in the combo box, as you can see in this article on . All thanks to good old DOS and a double click of a shortcut on my desktop :-) Here's what I use: setlocal set Log Path=e:\Backups\ set Log File Ext=set Log File Name=Backup%Log File Ext% ::use set My Log File=%date:~4% instead to remove the day of the week ::set My Log File=%date% set My Log File=%date% set My Log File=%My Log File:/=-% set My Log File=%Log Path%%My Log File%_%Log File Name% :: Note that the quotes are REQUIRED around %My Log FIle% in case it contains a space If NOT Exist "%My Log File%" goto:noseparator Echo. Sometimes you just need to think out of the box to get where you want to get. If ever you want to try some: Actually I'm using a batch files for my daily backups to external harddisks, with log files on top of it.... Just some creative ideas I encountered while working on a problem with hiding items in a filter. City FROM Customers LEFT JOIN Employees ON Customers. On the way to this solution I passed to several sites on the matter of using Flash on websites: This happened to me and I was really pondering what was going on. This worked for me: Now these class attributes were generated by Dreamweaver and I don't really have good understanding what they stand for; but the puzzling thing was that this attribute apparently affects browsers differently.

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And did you know there are some specific shortcuts and manipulations to sort and hide information in pivottables? As there's no immediately feature for that - unlike of course the (greatly enhanced since Excel 2007) conditional formatting possibilities for cells- you'll have to proceed through VBA. It finally turned out to be linked to a wrong clsid attribute value in the object tag. Here are some links and samples to get you going: I was struggling lately with some Flash which I couldn't get to work on IE, no matter which version.

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City FROM Customers INNER JOIN Employees ON Customers. As as sample of this approach: Filter an Excel Pivot table for upcoming dates. And that may mean create an extra column with new data, you can then integrate in your pivot table analysis.

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