Dreamweaver template not updating all pages

09-Mar-2016 22:31

Then you can skip down to the next section, Define editable regions.

Editable regions are applied to various locations of your template to specify where content can be inserted.

Once you have created the design of your site, whether using Design Extender's CSS tools or manually in Dreamweaver, follow these steps to create your template.

Or instead of creating a template, you can use one of our free Dreamweaver templates, create a folder in the root of your site called Templates and place it there.

Whereas, the content area of your page should be different for each page, and would require an editable region.

A Dreamweaver template can be generated from any HTML or PHP page.

This column is about creating templates with the extension—a timesaver when creating custom sites in Dreamweaver.

Templates come in many shapes and styles on the Web.

You can find templates for Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Word Press blogs, and more, but not all templates work in all programs.

You should only create editable regions for areas where content will change on a per page basis.

For example, the header is likely to be consistent throughout your entire site, and should not be an editable region.

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