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17-Jul-2016 15:56

The kernel shipped with Cent OS is not the latest and greatest kernel, it is a known, stable and proven kernel that may be a few years old (depending on the release).

Because of this, newer drivers may not be available for this kernel, even though Red Hat does backport newer wireless drivers to their stable kernel.

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For the Atheros AR5212 device, the driver shipped with the Cent OS-5.3 kernel (2.6.18-128.el5) causes an oops and does not work correctly.

With Cent OS-5.4 (kernel-2.6.18-164.el5 and upwards), these wireless devices operate correctly.

Then install the package manually using: rpm -Uhv If you don't have a network connection, simply download the firmware RPM packages named ipw2200-firmware from RPMforge at on another system and transfer the file using a USB stick.

Then install the package manually using: rpm -Uhv That will pull in dkms and a bunch of other dependencies required to build the ipw3945 kernel module.

You can find more information of your wireless hardware from the Linux Wireless website to get more information about the driver and the hardware support.We have listed some hardware that is supported, but would welcome more information to improve this wiki.