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26-Sep-2015 07:20

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In OS X any file name that starts with a "." is hidden, so to hide the .This is needed for the first command to take effect.You can also log out/reboot instead of killing the Finder, but the first command is needed to change a hidden preference (one that the Finder can’t change using the normal Finder view options or preferences).

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The initial question is about hiding the dot files on the desktop and this answer solves this problem - thank you @micer [email protected] I use tinker Tool for showing system files, but also tried adding Xtra Finder to hide the .DS_Store file from desktop (and other hidden files which, on desktop, I don't want) - this way you can still have dot files displayed, just not on desktop. DS_Store is used by OS X to store directory information used by Finder such as icon position, etc.