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11-Apr-2016 17:54

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Sexy chat room with video

Features When it comes to viewing and interacting with the performers Dx Live has a few options. One is the peeping mode which is pretty self explanatory. Well if you are suffering from this malady the good doctor here at Cam Girls Addict may have the cure for you. It is not only is filled with tons of hot Asian chicks but has some things that you are not going to find on any other cam site – like the ability to use remote sex toys on the models! Performers Like I mentioned at the start of this post Dx Live is a Asian niched themes adult webcam site so all the performers you find here are Asian. I am talking about the slang tern that is uses to described men who have and obsession and lust for Asian women. You can peep in other’s private shows but you can just be a fly on the wall, you can’t interact with the performers. The other kind of chat is called chat mode which is just your regular one on one private chat that you are probably familiar with. That means you can manually control sex toys to pleasure the performer. Prices You pay for your cam shows with what Dx Live calls points. The Bronze is .95 and gets you, 25 minutes, the Silver is .95 and gets you 50 minutes, the Gold is 9.95 and gets you 110 minutes and the Platinum 9.95 and gets you 170 minutes with the last package the best deal.

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It looks like most countries in Asia are represented.

Most of the Asian cam girls look to be in their twenties plus or minus a few years.