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04-Mar-2015 12:49

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a JSF 2.2 (Mojarra) playground with Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) and Wild Fly 8.1.

This tutorial assumes that you're starting from scratch and thus covers every single step necessary towards a working JSF web page.

There are also another application servers available next to JBoss Wild Fly, e.g. The choice for Wild Fly is made because it ships as being a full fledged Java EE 7 application server already with JSF 2.2 builtin and a lot of other handy Java EE aspects like CDI for bean management and dependency injection, JPA for database connectivity, EJB for database transaction management, JSR303 for bean validation, etcetera.

In the 3-year old JSF 2.0 tutorial, Glass Fish was been used.

Just make sure that your environment has suffuciently free RAM memory for Java EE development.

Also make sure that you install trusted Eclipse plugins the right and clean way, because the well-known Eclipse-instability is almost always caused by bad plugins.

In local disk file system path examples, just replace "C:\...\..." by "~/.../..." to make it Unix friendly.

There are also another IDEs available next to Eclipse, e.g. The choice for Eclipse is made because it's highly configureable, customizeable, has lots of helpful wizards and .. True, it may eat memory and it may sometimes crash.

The main reason to prefer Wild Fly over Glass Fish is that Oracle stopped with commercial support for Glass Fish and thus it essentially isn't ever going to be "production ready".

Wild Fly will be "production ready" once the commercially supported JBoss EAP 7 version will be released.Also, the current Eclipse Glass Fish plugin has some terrible bugs causing the server to never finish its startup cycle or causing duplicate deployments.

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