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08-Feb-2015 10:17

– Fiona Apple, that thin, sombre girl at the piano, told the Toronto Sun that as a 12-year-old she was raped on the way home from school, which rose to the surface in 1994’s ‘Sullen Girl’: “They don’t know I used to sail / The deep and tranquil sea / But he washed me ashore / And he took my pearl / And left an empty shell of me”.She told Rolling Stone that she became anorexic in an attempt to get rid of “the bait attached to my body”.Similarly interested in subverting the idea of the victim was the original riot grrrl, Kathleen Hanna.If there’s one character that’s come to define Love’s songs, it’s the defiant dirty girl who takes the blame.Love’s former frenemy in early band Sugar Baby Doll, Kat Bjelland, went on to form Babes In Toyland.But we talk about the topic in terms of disgraced celebrities, symbols of hope and dedicated days.We read about it either in news reports, or in op-eds cluttered with trigger warnings.

Bjelland wrote ‘Won’t Tell’, sketching out only a vague impression with lines such as “I won’t ever tell on you”.She flipped the abused little victim image on its head with her ‘kinderwhore’ wardrobe of babydoll dresses and Mary Jane shoes, matching it with baleful looks and vengeful screams.