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17-Feb-2015 21:03

“Raven” sells herself online as “classy, genuine and discreet.” She takes “donations” for her time: 0 for 30 minutes or 0 for a full hour. Online posts — once quite explicit — are slipping into euphemism.She can be a “sweet innocent girl,” she wrote in a recent posting, “or the one to fulfill all your fantasies.” But if you don’t like tattoos, she added, she’s not the one for you. “Everything has a to be a lot more quiet now and underground,” she says.It also gave police new powers to prosecute those who advertise sex work and those who exploit or otherwise make money off sex workers in all but a few limited cases.The court suspended that ruling for 12 months, however, giving the federal government time to craft a new set of, in some ways, even more restrictive laws around sex work.Bill C-36, for the first time in Canada, explicitly outlawed the buying, but not the selling of sex. “I’m not hurting anybody.” In the last several months, though, Raven, 33, has noticed small changes cropping up in her industry.From Halifax to Victoria and everywhere in between, sex is still being bought and sold in Canada, according to sex workers, police departments, researchers, and common sense.But that doesn’t mean the industry itself hasn’t shifted in response to the laws.

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“I used to make quite a bit of money, less now because I think a lot of clients are afraid to call us.” , or just Bill C-36, was the Conservative government’s response to Supreme Court’s ruling in the “Bedford” case.

In that landmark decision, brought down in 2013, Canada’s highest court tossed out several criminal code provisions related to the sale of sex on the grounds they violated sex workers rights to security under the Charter.

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