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27-Jan-2015 03:25

In many of its laws, Islam keeps in mind the flexibility of the law and the realistic factors and circumstances.A law can not be 100% good for every person, or in different times, or countries.- the establishment of the wedding, the ancient Egyptians used to be a wedding in the bride or the groom's house as agreed, or, as is happening now in one of the major hotels if the groom was somewhat wealthy, or second-class clubs, or often at the roof of her house!! - As was the old couple were carrying out decorating the wedding hall, and the most important thing is used to decorate the hall is the blossom of jasmine, which in hieroglyphic language called same "Eliassmon," because they believed in heaven and blossom smell was the smell of paradise, and refers to the place where he was sitting bride and groom, "Kushaa," has evolved the name is now become "." , not only but also Wedding cake, which is keen on cutting the couple together, and each of them addressing a small part on the tip of the knife from the chef dedicated to the cake cutting, also keen women attending the wedding launching of the "joy" that reflect the joy of the wedding.One of the funny things that we made a lot of jokes with foreigners who visited Egypt is they wonder how Egyptian men has the right to have several "ladies of course as wives", this plurality of wives is one of the controversial questions in the family system of Islam, and many of them said I wish I was Egyptian, but things not look like that simple, if you know why? You may feel the big responsibility you would face if you only thinking about it, Polygamy, like any other law, has its disadvantages and advantages on both the husband and the wife.

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The Egyptians have one of the world insisted customs and traditions inherited from ancient time, and this seems clearly in the rituals of their daily lives and daily conduct, in addition to the displays to celebrate holidays and different occasions..We will try to monitor some of these habits roots; ", even the sound which women do for celebration during the wedding day " Zgrutta", all these rituals that we practice today came from pharaohs time, even the special cloths that authorized person has to wear on wedding day seem to be the same as authorized in charge of the Pharaonic Temple to hold sacred wedlock between the couple, and then write the marriage contract 3 copies - as occurs now completely - one for the newlyweds and the other authorized for the third to the National Archives so as not to lose the right of any one.

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