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06-Nov-2014 01:31

So, apparently something's going on and its obvious these are ways to generate revenue from some people. The moral of this story is, unfortunately, if you are an average looking person... All one liner sentences that made no sense such as "Why are my eyes red in every photo? I receive the fake emails daily while I was not paid. Credit Card company request you a written email cancelation for your membership and request them refund in 15 days.The internet can be a bad place, but it can be good and work to your advantage too.

so, it is very possible that "average" looking people do get scammed ...logically there arent enough good looking people to make the site money. When I signed up and before I paid to be a member I received over 400 messages from mostly young extremely handsome guys. As soon as I paid the memebership the new emails stopped coming in.