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This real celebrity is playing themselves, but they are inserted into fictional circumstances, play alongside clearly fictitious characters and sometimes have fictional backstories in relation to those fictional characters.

This differs from an Autobiographical Role, where the celebrity is playing themselves in the . Compare Celebrity Star, Character as Himself, Special Guest and Adam Westing.

We've seen a real celebrity appear as themselves on a show for a quick laugh or maybe they take over the entire episode.

And we've seen a beloved actor parody themselves by playing the flanderized version of themselves or their most well-known character for laughs.

We've seen cases when a fictional character is listed in the credits as Himself/Herself.

An actor might request the latter if they want it to be clearer that this is a purely fictionalized version of themselves. Not to be confused with For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself.Occasionally, there will be an example of this with a deceased star/famous figure. is Alice playing a character who just happens to be named Alice as well? Supertrope of Newscaster Cameo (newsreader As Himself) and Leno Device (talk-show host As Himself).