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from baby experts Bepanthen reveals that 68% of UK mothers describe some form of negative feeling after the arrival of their new baby.

In June 1989, Spike eventually went into labor at the grade 8 graduation dance at the end of season 2, in the episode, Pass Tense.Both of them were 14 when Christine, who goes by Spike, got pregnant.Shane and Spike broke-up, but Shane paid child support.Emma's first on-screen appearance was at the school's Christmas party in the season 3 episode, Season's Greetings, when Spike's babysitter cancelled on her so Spike had to take care her at school.

She was originally portrayed as an idealist and environmentalist who consistently voices her own opinions. Sinclair, Craig Manning, and her ex-boyfriend, Sean Cameron. Her stepfather is Archie Simpson, the principal and former Media Immersions teacher of Degrassi Community School, and her half-brother is Jack Simpson.

Emma was also known for being responsible and mature, yet uptight, but over the years has developed into much more of a three-dimensional character. She married Spinner Mason, a former student of Degrassi, in the summer of 2008, making Kendra Mason her sister-in-law.