Error updating sims 2 university

27-Dec-2014 15:47

Insert Disk 1 of The Sims 2 University into your CD-ROM drive and if the autoplay starts, cancel it. All the contents of the disk should now be highlighted, click on Edit at the top of the window again and choose Copy.Has anyone had trouble loading Sims 2 extensions on Windows 10? I can load Sims 2, but when I try to load the extensions and am asked to insert disk 4 of Sims 2 to update, I get an error message, "TS2has stopped working" and the installation fails. Is it likely to be a compatibility issue or is it my computer or my copy of the game that is the problem.There doesn't seem to be Log folder in my EA games folder in order to attach the Yeah you need to follow this tutorial: Using Grumpy Loader to install the updates is key. For compatibility mode you have to right-click the file and choose "properties".Windows 8 and 10 somehow fail at loading the updates the normal way, making it impossible to install the game unless you follow that tutorial. PS: Windows 10 is not the most stable operating system. I ahve Windows 10 and I am seeing some discrepancies. Also, I don't have a "Run in compatibility mode"; I have "Troubleshoot compatibility" and then it recommends a setting which is XP SP3. Are there adjustments I need to make for Windows 10 specifically? Then click the "compatibility" tab and you'll find the compatibility mode tickbox and dropdown menu.Don't be frightened by the tutorial's seemingly difficult process. I very strongly suggest keeping current backups of all your important files. hmmm that's interesting - because I've definitely had some people on Windows 10 that didn't have that compatibility tab, and I got them to screenshot it for me so I could see. file, totally unrelated to Sims, and it did have a compatibility tab.

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I have tried all the Technical issues from EA, they are stumped. Make sure to follow the steps below exactly as they read, or else the install may not work. Name the folder Disk Images it is important that the name has a space in it.

Double-Click the new Disk Images folder to open it.

If so may need to put the origional exe or any fixed files back in order to install the game.

Could possibly be something going on with the protection and your cd drive having problems reading it. I installed the The Sims 2 just fine, went to install the The Sims 2: University, and i get an error at 69%.

There was also definitely a compatibility tab on the files I used to install the game - those were the Auto Run files on the original game CDs, and the Grumpy Loader file. Have you tried making cd images of the install cd's and installing from them instead?