Error validating proxy id netgear

23-Mar-2015 15:19

I can connect to the internet, but cant install the package.It seems to be a problem with mirrordirector.because that is where my r Pi runs into trouble.I solved it by using wifi access in other place (without netgear router) I had the same(? I booted a new image and made a wifi connection while in the raspi-config gui. if you use "sudo wget" does it give you a 504 error or does it work?actually..i was getting 404 error and when i manually visited the page from mozilla i got same error, but when i got my memory card fixed it worked.

error validating proxy id netgear-26

outlook updating inbox takes forever

jus have a look at the link i posted i had a similiar kinda problem The question is old but I had same problem today of being able to ping but not to get data with wget also from so here my solution: after a lot of trials just to give it a try I've launched rpi-update and it worked, then after a reboot also apt-get started working.If your problem isn’t mentioned above, please contact us here. We will re-set your password allowing you to login as part of a temporary fix while we resolve this issue fully.

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