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In this Scenario, he will undertake an investigation, trying to understand what happened to his love interest: Yui Ikari. Or maybe it is because of the tasks that Ritsuko has just asked her to do, related to Nerv's deepest secrets... Despite considering Hyuga a good friend, she is more interested in Kaji, with whom she is investigating Nerv's deepest secrets.

Because of this, Hyuga is worried abour his love interest.

So he studied hard and started working as Operator at Nerv, forgetting about his old friends.

Kaji is a triple spy: he works for Seele (spying on Nerv), he works for Gendo (spying on Seele) but he also works on his own to uncover all the secrets.

In his Scenario, you must get ALL the "Classified Information" files.

Neon Genesis Evangelions (Shinseiki Evangelion 2 Japanese: 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン2) is an Evangelion-based RPG video game, released in 2003 for Play Station 2, and later a PSP version was released in 2006.

It allows the player to follow several characters through several different versions of the plot of the series.

The game itself is a combination of an RPG, a raising game, and a dating sim rolled into one.

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An endless Scenario that's unique to the PS2 version, Shinji is not an Eva pilot.He's just a regular junior high school student that lives with transfer student Asuka and their guardian Misato (Misato is the only adult in this scenario).When he was younger, at his college days, Aoba was the guitarist of a band called Cobalt Sky.Although he liked playing guitar, he felt like it was impossible to make a living.

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This light-hearted touch is similar to the Girlfriend of Steel 2 universe, but the Scenario itself is still based on the personalities of the TV series characters.

Although Fuyutsuki is a rather secondary character in the series, he shared with Gendo the acknowledgment about most of Evangelion's deepest secrets. Maybe it has something to do with her Operator colleague, Shigeru Aoba.