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The information is collected by another person, and along with other forms, compiled (by hand) into a final readable product.

Not very efficient; however, that’s the way it was done, many long years ago.

For example, to fill out a job application form, you would have to enter your pertinent information on who you are (name, address), recent jobs, why you’re experienced enough to apply for the job, and government stuff, like your social security number.


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Echo Link opens a world of new communications possibilities by joining Amateur Radio stations over the Internet.

Since the Internet is a shared, public resource, security is naturally a very important part of the system.

You fill out forms to get your driver’s license, apply for a job; even to get married.

A simple definition of a form would be some method for extracting information on a particular subject.

it’s how you collect that information that makes all the difference.For example, you might design your form on paper, and the person filling out the form is required to write the information down with a pen or pencil.