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But to expand the size of the range, by adding rows and columns, and change the chart's data and appearance, you must manually change the original data source in the chart by changing the cell range that the chart is based on.

If you want to change the chart's data and appearance when the data source expands, you can use an Excel table as the underlying data source.

After you create a chart, you might have to change its source data on the worksheet.

To incorporate these changes in the chart, Microsoft Office Excel provides various ways to update a chart.

With calculation options set to automatic (Microsoft Office Button , Excel Options, Formulas category or Formulas tab, Calculation group, Calculation Options button), changes that you make to the worksheet data automatically appear in the chart.

If you create a chart based on a cell range, updates to data within the original range are reflected in the chart.

When you update the underlying data of a chart, the chart's data and appearance also changes.

This approach is useful when you need a solution that also works with previous versions of Excel.You can instantly update a chart with changed values, or you can dynamically change the underlying source data.You can also update a chart by adding, changing, or removing data.For more information, see How to use defined names to automatically update a chart range in Excel.

You can automatically update changed worksheet values in a chart, or you can use ways to dynamically change a chart's underlying data source.

The values in a chart are linked to the worksheet data from which the chart is created.

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