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HUEYATLACO Many of our readers have been interested in the study of the site, Hueyatlaco, located in Puebla, Mexico. Geological Survey sent down a three member team who dated the site and found the range of very ancient dates mentioned above.That particular site has found remains of human habitation at about between 250,000 to 350,000 years ago. Much of their controversy has been reported by Geologist Virginia Steen-Mc Intyre.Incredibly fun to make, this film enabled Mark and Lorena to work with long-time collaborator and amazing stunt coordinator Spiro Razatos.This is also the film where they started working with foremost casting director Joseph Middleton.Joseph himself answered the phone and agreed to meet and the rest is history. Roberts/David worked with Joseph on two more films.


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They shot in Big Bear, at a Camp in Malibu and on stage at Universal Studios.

Many things are happening with this site, which have not been reported in other magazines such as "the Ancient American." We would like to report some of these events to our readers at this time. We consider Virginia to be a very good friend of ours, and have helped channel some of the financing that she needed to complete her work more recently.

Hueyatlaco was excavated at first by an archaeologist by the name of Cynthia Williams. We will not attempt here to cover ground which she has already covered in her articles.

What we do wish to relate to our readers in this article are the steps that we took in parts of the investigation of this enigma.


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Middleton had just cast “Bring it On” and “Legally Blonde”.

Roberts wanted him to cast Extreme Dating so he picked up the phone and cold called one of the biggest and most talented Casting directors in Hollywood.