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20-May-2015 15:18

It never was thought out or logical I just floated from date to date, I think until somehow I ended up engaged to be married.Dating as an adult is an entirely different story, firstly you have to decide how are you going to date. Right to bump his shopping cart into you and declare his lust for you over the red cabbage?Having any relationship end or getting a divorce starts a chain reaction of many changes, many adjustments and many "news." By far the oddest new has been reentering the dating world.The last time I dated I was 20 I was clueless about relationships and even worse, clueless about myself.Are you going to let your friends and family set you up with people? Or like me mostly due to circumstance I chose to try online dating.I had no preconceived ideas, so I set up my online profile, downloaded a few photos and let the online dating experiment begin.I woke up in the morning to literally hundreds of messages, I now realize so many people are on those sites for so long, that they can find the fresh meat easily within the search tools.I initially spent time reading each and every message, to both be polite and for entertainment purposes.

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I found people are far more forward hiding behind their keyboards, than they would ever dare be in person.

After a couple weeks or so on there I felt overwhelmed, so I started to think of it almost as a business deal.

I eliminated all the suitors who where too young, too old, too crazy, too sexual, all the people who I wasn't obviously attracted to also.

I was left with about 30 possibilities, men in the correct age who had left normal messages and seemed like they may be safe to meet in a public day time setting.

Then I set about giving them dating appointments, almost like my own private speed dating, I told them all I would meet them for coffee but I only had a few minutes (easy escape).I met with a news anchor, a couple of lawyers, a gastroenterology, marine, salesman, banker, CEO, realtor, stunt man, and a plethora of other business type men, that I'm not sure what they did exactly.

The women make statements before the show and the guys have to guess which woman said which statement.… continue reading »

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