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13-Feb-2016 22:51

Which is, of course, just a fancy way of saying that different people find different things good-looking.

As Goldstein’s company grew, that kind of manual photo-browsing became more arduous.

A former producer on E’s “True Hollywood Stories,” Goldstein quit her day job four years ago to pursue a budding hobby: setting up her lovelorn co-workers and friends. But she also asked clients to supply Facebook photos of their exes, just so she could see herself the types of people they were attracted to.

For a fee of ,000, clients bought a lengthy personal interview with Goldstein and six months of curated matches with men or women her company sought out. Sometimes there was a range or a mixed bag; but generally, the stack of photos had some vague commonality — a hair color, for instance, or a particular face shape.

“I mean, I understand where people are getting that from,” said Talia Goldstein, the CEO of the company partnering with Match on this facial recognition tool.

But in practice she says, the tool is actually based on a very intuitive, old-school, and not particularly sinister logic: “‘ Attractive’ means different things to different people.” Goldstein’s high-end matchmaking agency, Three Day Rule, is actually a pretty conventional operation, as far as these things go.

(Under the Match partnership, the same fee structure will apply: Match users can, for free, opt-in to Three Day Rule’s database, where they’re eligible to be paired with Three Day Rule clients; or, for ,000, they can become clients themselves — a package that entails six months of date-finding and screening by a professional matchmaker.) Starting out, Goldstein always asked the usual questions: What personality traits are you looking for? Goldstein would include those notes as she looked for potential matches.

“If you look at photos of your exes all together — and you should play this game — you’ll notice some traits that look the same,” she said.

It’s a wildly catchy narrative, mostly because it plays into prevalent fears and confusions about how facial recognition — and big data — work.

It’s a concern that sites like Match and Ok Cupid kind of fan already.

It’s also a concern that, in this case, is probably a bit overblown.

She launched an online component, with all the user photos in a database.

The headlines read like a synopsis for Spike Jonze’s next romantic drama: In the approximate future — in a strangely pastel L. This Match partnership is additionally uncanny, because it implies that technology can somehow erode individual identity — make us interchangeable, even on the most intimate level. That’s because is rolling out facial recognition technology that can find you a clone of your ex. All-seeing, inscrutable algorithms on Google know us better than we know ourselves.

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