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The lake, like a conscious witness, trembles and burns. Pallid, yet serene, the ma jestic Alps recede into the gloom. 52 For two centuries, it was reported, there had been no such gathering of the imperial vassals. 1 Nevertheless the course which he pursued is not to be censured, but approved. Therefore he had so disposed and so employed his forces as to be still prepared for various contingen cies, secure against the derangement of his general policy, free to adopt whatever expedient the need or opportunity of the moment might suggest. But, whoever devised the story, there was one person at least who knew better than to believe it. That had happened which he had most feared, which he had chiefly struggled to avert. After so many labors, so many successes, here were Eng land and Burgundy still combined, treason and intrigue still busy, for the overthrow of the French monarchy. As to making any attempt to avert the catastrophe, to compete with Louis in the arts of seduction, the thought assuredly never crossed his mind. I thank God, Our Lady, and Monseigneur Saint Martin for the good news they contain. Of all contingencies this was the one for which he was least prepared.

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If here and there a blackened tower or rear-wall of some ancient chateau still crowns a slope or overhangs a ravine, the restored front and embellished interior, CHAP, v.] NOBLES OF THE JURA. Under the dis couragements of the winter, Charles was not indis posed to an accommodation which might enable him to withdraw without loss of reputation. 101 gismund or Sigismund's allies, leaving his grievances, the force of which was graciously conceded, to the arbitration of the emperor. The count of Blamont, after hesitating whether to turn against the French or the Swiss, was at length relieved from doubt by the retirement of the latter. Bourbon had declined the command on the plea of ill health. haste, comme vous savez, cuidant 8 " II ne 1'entendoit point : ne trouver les Anglois prests & descen- ceulx k qui il donnoit auctorite, sur dre ; mais je trouve que 1'armee de le faict de la guerre, y entendoient mer, le jour devantque je arrivasse, encores moms." Commines, torn, s'estoit retraicte et descendue en i. If in the former quarter, the peril would be far more imminent. So it had been in the Franco-Norman invasion of England, so in all the Anglo-Norman inva sions of France. It would be best to make them an offer of some unimportant places, let them settle down quietly, and by the time the season was over they would be glad of an excuse for taking their de parture. On his return Edward was received with a roar of indignation.3 not less than the refined tastes and manners of the occupants, proclaim the changes that have inter vened. obsidione persistens, imperatoris et CHAP, vii.] CHARLES UNDISMAYED. Discovrs des choses 45 Miiller, Reichstags Theatrum, advenves en Lorraine, depuis le de- B. But he was told that no proposition on his behalf could be enter tained, that no further intimation of the imperial will would be vouchsafed, while his tent remained pitched and his banner unfurled on the sacred soil of the Empire. 1st er aber uss 48 " Er mag selbs verstan all die dem Rich mit sinem veld abziechen, will der Herzog zu veld ligt mit uss- alsdenn wollen wir mit unsern kur- gerahmtem panner und gezolt, das fursten und fursten zu rat werden." uns nit fugt und schimpflich were Letter of the emperor to Sigismund, yemands zu gunnen in den sachen MS. 49 Who would have expect ed that at this stage of his career, Frederick was about to shine forth as a second Barbarossa ? On his approach at the head of a superior force, Craon retreated across the Saone, reentered Cham- 2 " Esperoit gaigner le due de necessite en quoy il estoit." Com- Bourgongne a ceste trefve, veu la mines, torn. The king, mis trusting his motives, summoned him to his own side, and the command devolved on the Sire de Com- bronde. 143 Amid the noise and confusion he was himself creating he had one ear constantly strained to catch the first rumor of the approach of the English. Here there fore he resolved to continue, with part of his army, fortifying, victualling, assembling the frank-archers, and taking all manner of precautions. And what is scarcely less remarka ble, in proportion as the original impulse had dimin ished, the attempts had been more persistent and on a larger scale. Louis availed himself of this communication to for ward a side purpose of his own. _ "Ho Trovoa n 1 1 Q CHAP, vni.] RETURN OF THE ENGLISH. What was he but a charlatan, a swindler, who had promised huge results and obtained money under false pretences ?There are no distinct and towering peaks, no sweeping curves, no network of ramifications. To counterbalance this defect a high state of confidence prevailed. Had he made them his principal instrument, had he trusted to them entirely, he would have lost his control over events ; the reins would have slipped from his grasp ; his own activity 1 See the contemporary criticism to this effect in Basin, torn. Should the con test, as was more probable, be indefinitely protracted, the sharp discipline administered while there were no means of retaliation would extort a renewal of the truce and throw a fresh clog upon the English invasion. 13 He knew well that, not the Burgundians, but the imperialists, had dispersed; that not the emperor, but the duke, was preparing 12 Letter of Louis to the chan- be needed, it will be found in an- cellor, July 15, Commines, Preuves, other letter of the king's, which will torn. Many shores and many islands had been washed by that wide-spread flood ; but its fullest current had set upon the northern shore of France, whence, with collected force, it had poured its waves over the island of Britain, to return upon the Continent in successive reflux tides, that threatened to swallow all the former conquests of Frank and Goth. His burst of choler could inflict no injury on its object. Among a portion of the English nobles the effect was different. retourner a ousi peu besougnier en 68 " On ne vit onques si grande fet de gerre." Haynin, torn. had they met with a disaster, he could have joined zealously in running them down.Each separate mountain is a segment corresponding in outline with the mass from which it is detached. All vaunted their determination to anni hilate the invader, 55 while not the slightest doubt was entertained that a large French force was advancing to join them. 2 Finally, should his adversary burst from the toils, and no resort be left but the appeal to bat tle, the king would still have his army, unimpaired and within call, to meet this emergency. It was still the old sea-pirates contending with the land-pirates, the ocean-power assaying to triumph over the Con tinent. Doubtless all the races involved in the long strug gle Celt, Frank, Saxon, Norman had gained in it a stronger discipline and a broader development. Latent sentiments of shame and discontent had been roused. " was the exclamation of many who had heard him, amongst them the duke of Gloucester. He might thus have avoided the rocks on either hand ; what he had not anticipated was a sudden fall of the tide which would leave him stranded between' them. Let him retire towards the coast, seize a few small places, such as Eu and Valery (which Louis, however, anticipating the suggestion, had already given orders to burn if any such movement were attempted), and, thus sheltered, await the result of new combinations.

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Yet, at the period of which we write, the propri etors of these domains were not the types of feudal barbarism which the grim relics of their extinct rule the high battlements, the vaulted dungeons, the yawning oubliettes might lead us to imagine them. 99 reported to have said, had done him a great honor in calling out against him the whole power of the Empire; the house of Burgundy had never before received such a mark of distinction. 48 For the duke himself this answer was sufficient. He had found it, however, no easy matter to over come the incoherence and disjointed action of the huge machine over which he presided. Close upon the frontier, in the neighbor hood of Guipy, the invaders were met by an equal force under the count of Koussy, son of Saint-Pol and marshal of Burgundy. This extreme alertness, as on former occasions, laid him or^en to deception. Dupont), Preuves, 7 " Je vois en Normandie a grant torn. The bulk of his troops, under the Sire de Beaujeu, admiral of France, he sent back to Picardy to complete the work he had himself begun, by laying waste the whole country, so that a hostile army, advancing from that side, would find nothing to feed upon. Originally the instinct that prompted the invasion had belonged only to the Norman sov ereign and the Norman nobility. They saw that he was already lost, or that, if a chance remained, he had not the nerve to grasp it. I will wait till you have been three months across the sea! He contrived a little scene in which business and pleasure were ad mirably blended. When the constable's agent, Louis de Xainville, was admitted to an audience, a screen behind the royal seat concealed two auditors of the interview, Commines and the Sire de Contay. As the territo ry around the camp belonged to Saint-Pol, there was some excuse for the depredations committed by the troops. 189 In their return through Picardy and the Bou- lognais the English paid the penalty of their former outrages on the population. He escaped, it is true, the penalties he had feared, and had no occasion to seek the asy lum which he had taken care to provide.

If less luxurious in their habits than the per fumed cavaliers who met at the costly banquets of Brussels and Bruges, they resembled still less the needy and plundering adventurers of the neighbor ing Rhineland. velut impavidus." 42 Letter to Claude du Fay, May " Constanteret perseveranter in sua 10, Labarre, torn. 43 He exhorted his troops to constancy, avowing his purpose to seek, rather than avoid, an encounter. But the royal negotiator persevered until he had learned the terms it was intended to impose. Diets had been convened and postponed ; troops had been levied and countermanded. A severe combat ensued ; the Burgundians were defeated with a loss of two thousand men; many nobles, with Roussy himself, were made prisoners. Saint-Pol, whom his successes had filled with apprehension, since, if they went on, he would himself be enveloped, and who was con sequently professing the strongest devotion to his interests, sent him word that the hostile fleet had appeared off the coast of Normandy. His instructions, so far as time allowed, were faith fully carried out. But as the Norman race became merged in the Saxon, and the Saxon na ture infused with the Norman spirit, the ambition of conquest became national and popular. The king of Scots, James the Third, saw, as he thought, an opportunity for a stroke of business on his own account. During the last few weeks he had been abandoned by his principal servants. " 64 He rushed away to Cambray, to Mons, to Na- inur, which he reached on the evening of the 22d, 65 and whence he despatched orders to the towns on the frontier to suffer no intelligence from the English army to be made public until it had been communi cated to himself. Among the Burgundian prisoners taken in the combat before Arras was the Sire de Contay, of a high family and personally distinguished. Xain ville, who had just before returned from a mission to the duke of Burgundy, began by stating its purpose and result. But their maltreatment of the Burgundian subjects who brought them their supplies, whether instigated by arrogance or by spite, was alike inex cusable and impolitic. 187 His whole army was advantageously posted along the left bank of the river, while the side on which the English made their approach presented an expanse of swamps traversed by a single causeway. Their supplies ran short, and many a straggler was found feet uppermost in the bogs. But he sank into an object of general contempt, the close of his reign was enveloped with horrors, and his dynasty was already doomed.

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