Fetish dating sydney

03-Mar-2016 02:23

But these racialised gems tend to be saved for women from minority groups.

There is nothing more empowering than knowing someone is attracted to you because of your race.

I’m not saying every guy who’s dating an Asian girl has some Patriarchal complex.

Nor am I saying every guy who’s dating a black girl is looking for his own Beyoncé fantasy.

There is nothing wrong with interracial couples or being attracted to certain attributes.

John Carroll sits in the SBS Insight studio with his Filipino wife, explaining why he prefers Asian women: they’re “very attentive,” he coos. The attitudes of these men reflect Patriarchal assumptions that Asian women are domestic and docile.

“One of the stereotypes is Asian women treat Western men better than a white woman. But don’t worry, John Carroll is here to defend us from the misguided stereotype.

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