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30-Jul-2016 05:55

Let’s be honest — a sexual revolution is happening and there’s no better reminder of it than self-confessed “filthy at 50” Bridget Jones. He is 29 and spends his time shagging her senseless. I wrote a book called To Love, Honour and Betray, where mother and daughter ended up dating the same young man.

Here she is in her third incarnation (Mad About the Boy is published today) — 51, widowed, two kids under 10 and yet … All they do is have sex and eat — and it’s outraged everyone. Now that’s a case of ‘Paging Doctor Freud to reception! Sexually active forty- and fiftysomething singletons are hardly likely to hang up their libidos and spend the rest of their lives knitting and baking cakes.

“I think women now look better in their fifties than previous generations,” says author of The Summer House Santa Sebag Montefiore, who is in her forties.“They go to the gym, dye their hair, hold back the years by dressing younger and keeping healthy, so I think it’s natural that they will feel 10 years younger sexually as well. For the past three years, she has been solidly on her own, keeping her family going forwards. I just want some fun with someone who makes me laugh and is good in bed.”There is one problem. “They just cannot get over the fact that I might want to be sexually active again. ”It’s not just her children who appear to have problems with this concept.

If a 29-year-old rocks your 50-year-old boat, go for it.”As far as I can see from a quick straw poll, women of my generation are having more sex of a greater variety than ever and they are not going to be stopped by a form of “sex-ageism” that decrees only young hot women with pert breasts can flaunt their sexual activity. According to other friends, the conversations at the school gates are more akin to the plotlines of Fifty Shades of Grey than Pride and Prejudice. She has three children aged 18, 16 and 13, two boys and a girl. They have told me in no uncertain terms that they think it’s disgusting. Whole swathes of society seem to think that once women have reached their mid-forties they should stop getting jiggy and behave with some sense of decorum. Forty- and fifty-something women are now considered hot stuff — witness the general kerfuffle about the picture of Carole Middleton in a pair of pants playing table tennis.

However, as we get older, we do tend to be more private about our sex lives.

But we are certainly no longer wearing hairnets and pushing shopping trolleys.’There is certainly a difference between publicly parading your sex life and keeping it to yourself.

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As Suzi Godson — the Times sex columnist and contributor to high50, which is described as being “the website for thrusting fiftysomethings” — says, “It takes most women a couple of decades to work out how to have an orgasm with a man in the room.

The frustration is that we only start getting really good at shagging at about the same time as we start to become invisible to the opposite sex.”This, however, doesn’t stop women in their forties and fifties from looking and feeling pretty fabulous.

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