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If worst comes to worst, and you have to go to his apartment, make sure to tell a friend where you’re going, so someone knows where you were last if, for some reason, you don’t come home the next day.Secondly, don’t go into a one night stand wanting to find a significant other.In today’s society, picking girls and guys up at the bar is the norm.It’s pretty rare to find anyone who has never experienced a one night stand in one way or another.

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This quick guide can assure you will leave the next morning feeling great, and your partner will be bragging about you to their friends for weeks to come. If you’re a female, try to bring him to your place rather than going to the house of a man you don’t know at all.Instead, view a one night stand as a simple and easy way to relieve stress and have fun with another person.People who enter one night stands with the mindset of an overrated happily-ever-after story typically leave with a crushed heart, and shattered ego.You need to scout, and search, and figure out just who you want crawling into your bed that night.

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Don’t choose someone who you know things will be awkward with next weekend.

The best thing about one night stands is the fact that they’re typically with a stranger.