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23-Dec-2015 01:58

The Thai women overwhelmingly said that while they admired and appreciated their husbands, they married strictly for financial security.Easy to understand if you know that in Thailand, a divorced woman is basically ‘untouchable’ to Thai men.Westerners tend to marry for ‘love,’ or romantic and personal bonds that include shared values and interests.In Asia, from long-standing tradition (marriage is basically the union of families rather than just the 2 people exchanging vows), women are expected to marry mostly for money and security, and to do so with an eye toward strengthening the entire family, especially the finances! Beware cultural differences if you date a foreign woman, though.Obviously it depends on the culture, but here I’ll stick to Korea (though many similarities with China/Japan).Finally, and this involves both ‘romance’ alone but especially marriage, Korea/China/Japan are similar in that they are Confucian societies. In the West, we tend to value relationships that are ‘equal,’ with each partner contributing. So some westerners may find, after the marriage especially, that their spouse (usually female because not so many women westerners marry Asian men) is heavily focused on ‘control’.

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Many foreigners are not prepared for the level of ‘possessiveness’ that can occur.Minor example: One young Canadian told me that he kept breaking off with various Korean g/fs because they called him dozens of times daily - including while he was working - and did not understand that he found this annoying.