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By measuring the oxygen isotopic (δ18O) content of the coral skeletal aragonite every 1mm down-core, we obtain timeseries that reflect changes in past ocean temperature and/or changes in the oxygen isotopic content of the seawater (the latter linearly related to salinity, and thereby used as a proxy for hydrological balance). Our long-term sites in the central equatorial Pacific are extremely sensitive to temperature and rainfall changes associated with the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), so corals from these sites provide exceptional archives of past ENSO activity. With monthly-resolution and a large menu of environmentally-sensitive geochemistries to choose from, corals hold immense potential to significantly reduce the uncertainties associated with future tropical climate and environmental change. contributed detailed mapping and stratigraphic interpretations.

Our dated Bahamas stratigraphy confirms that at least one sea-level oscillation interrupted the last interglacial highstand. provided the geochronology, including mass spectrometry and age interpretations, and wrote the manuscript.

Further oscillations, as suggested by reconstructions from the Red Sea W.

Here we present U–Th ages from last interglacial coral reef sequences in the Bahamas that reflect the timing of sea-level highstands.

We use a method that corrects the ages for diagenetic disturbance of the U–Th isotope ratios.

We core these heads and back in the lab, we date them with Uranium-Thorium dating and analyze their oxygen isotopic composition for climate reconstruction. Jess Conroy and Hussein Sayani comb a fossil coral rubble field on Christmas Island for Porites cobbles that we can use for a new reconstruction of tropical Pacific climate over the last several millennia. Charles, Highly variable El Nino-Southern Oscillation throughout the Holocene, Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1228246, 2013. Tropical Pacific climate change represents one of the largest uncertainties in future climate projections, in part because instrumental records of climate from this region rarely extend beyond the 1950’s.

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