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31-Jan-2015 05:31

By tonight she will be watching other baby ostriches pecking at alfalfa and sipping water, so she will learn quickly what she needs to do. Joel will help provide updates on Facebook on her progress. As you know ostriches cannot survive alone, they fail to thrive without a social contact. I am disappointed of course, but it’s OK, we did our best with these eggs. Other 3 eggs did not change when I candled them, decided to put them back in the incubator to maintain constant temperature.I would have loved to watch her progress from her boop-a –doop walk now, it seems like yesterday that she fell on her side and rolled onto her back and could not get up. I do not think going in earlier would have improved the outcome, there was something wrong. Thanks for all your kinds words, and my daughter thanks so many of you for buying and enjoying her Pip the Ostrich book. Our hope is that they still have not developed, and this is just a long hatch.Gunga has more room to walk and since the eggs are, out I left the top off the box so she can look out.She will move to the heat lamp to adjust her temperature. She has a flat carpet placed upside down with the rubbery finish on top so she won’t skid.(I have a 110 volt inverter (electrical plug) in the car so I can do this). Kind Rancher has been having problems this year too.I will turn off the web cam, but will leave chat on for now. After a night in the incubator, and candling today there was no progress with the three eggs. I spoke with Kind Rancher Joel, and we decided to proceed with opening the other 3 eggs. None of these would have survived in nature, and Gunga is a little miracle Kind Rancher has chicks the same age so I will take Gunga to them so she can be in her new environment and with family and friends as soon as possible.

Gunga has a sister born a day earlier than her, from the same parents, hatched at Kind Rancher Joel’s place. Surrounding them are ostriches slightly older, who look in on them and gives them comfort.

Gunga is the sweetest, mellowest ostrich I have seen, she was like a friend in the car, watching me for the entire drive. Kind Rancher says her sister has the same mellow disposition. = Tuesday July 28 2015 2 PM day 45 Hi, I am driving Gunga to Kind Rancher Joel in about an hour.

Gunga will remain in the box with the heat lamp on, so she should be comfortable.

= Day 43 Sunday Noon update GUNGA RIMAS Rimas has pipped, and is now in the hatcher with Gunga.

RIMAS internally pipped at 11 AM yesterday, about 20 hours ago.ZORA internally pipped last night (I think) at 10 PM RIMAS and ZORA are in the hatcher with the rambunctious Gunga MOOSHA still did not internally pip, and is in the incubator.

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