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18-Jul-2015 16:21

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And friendly advice, never say to someone "you're wrong".

Doesn't sound like upgrading or commanding, just momentarily optimizing the success rate of a specific task via accurate information.

I'll dig a little more in her wiki page though, maybe her abilities' description aren't "100% accurate".

Is there at least a place on here where I write my favorite powers other than my profile.

Until the block is removed Dear Sage M, I need you to listen very closely because this is my last message to you.

The reason not only I wanted my profile but I love this wiki because it is the only wiki I know that records superpowers.

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You say the this Wu character exist but where can I find the history of Wu in the anime series. Thanks for your edit to the Reversed Vocifery page!How can I edit my profile Marcus9250 while on block.