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Trunking concepts are based on the presumption that individual subscribers use the system only a small percentage of the time, and a large number of users do not use the system at the same time.Figure 1 represents typical traffic on a five-channel trunked system.Advantages of trunking include less waiting to access the system and increased channel capacity for a given quality of service.Since the probability of all channels being busy at the same instant is low (especially in larger systems), the chance of being blocked is much less than when only one channel can be accessed.It can be seen from this chart that if the channels are not trunked and only one channel is available to the user (as with a community repeater), there is a much lower chance of obtaining a channel at any instant.However, when the user has automatic access to multiple channels as indicated by the bottom line, the probability of being blocked or denied access is greatly reduced.

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As it applies to radio, trunking is the automatic sharing of channels in a multiple repeater system.A repeater is held for only the duration of the transmission with dispatch calls.