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One of the most disturbing things that some people say about survivors of rape and date rape is that they were "asking for it" by dressing or speaking a certain way or even by drinking too much alcohol.No matter what happened or what course of action a person chose to take, victims of rape are not to be blamed.No matter how a blurry the line may appear, victims should always remember that a relationship involves a mutual respect for one another and that at no time during a friendship or an intimate relationship should anyone "owe" any sexual gratification to another person.No one asks to be raped and no one provokes sexual violence.Pharmaceutical agents such as gamma-hydroxybutrate (GHB), ketamine and rohypnol (roofies) are used to severely inebriate unsuspecting victims.

When talking about rape, most people still have a nightmare image of masked assailants jumping out of dark alleyways and dragging their helpless victims down into the depths from which they came.While stranger rape is a tragic reality for some victims, most rapes are committed by someone the victim knows.Additionally, no person that truly cares about another will ever fore them into a sexual situation.Safety and Prevention Even though there is absolutely no time at which a rape is the fault of the rape victim, there are certainly preventative measures that one can utilize in order to help keep themselves safe: Date Rape Drugs Drugs play a role in many cases of date rape.

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Another frequently heard misconception concerning date rape is that it is a "crime of sex" or "crime of passion." In truth, rape has very little to do with sex or passion.

It is a brutal act of aggression that is performed by individuals as a means of violence, power, and control.

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