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06-Nov-2015 11:34

It reminds me of the Joey Salads video, obviously, but also of the parents who had their 6 year old snatched, blindfolded and led down into a basement where the “kidnapper” threatened to nail him to the wall — all to teach him not to talk to strangers.

That boy’s mom and grandma wanted to keep their child safe, but I would not be surprised if any natural “gut instincts” of his have been shattered for life.

They agree to meet, whereupon he films each girl’s shock and near collapse when it turns out to be him and his terrifying “safety” message.

Worst of all (to me), is that the girls’ parents are alongside Coby, heaping guilt and rage upon their daughter. That’s like telling them not to trust anyone they meet in the off line world, too.

(Not to mention his trust in his loved ones.) The same goes for the young ladies here.

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But it is bizarre to act as if Facebook is teaming with stranger danger.This video most reminds me of the scary hitchhiker warnings of the deep, dark 1960s: “Never pick up a stranger.” (Which also became the slogan for an anti-freeze, but I digress.) Unfortunately, it’s kind of scary, misleading message that everyone loves to share, as if it’s a public service. On another note, the mention of “750,000 Registered Child Predators” at the end is wrong.

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