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17-Jun-2016 01:45

Jennifer Kaplan and Lindsey Rupp, hosts of Bloomberg's Material World podcast, give a guided tour of America's billion sex toy industry-- and gender politics, free-speech battles, and consumer choices that shape it. Last year, over the holidays, the number of searches for incest-themed videos on Pornhub and its competitors spiked dramatically, hundreds of percent in a single month, and only continued to grow all through 2015.This week, a long talk with Kevin Allison, host of the expansive sex-heavy storytelling podcast Risk, about kink, the retreating horizon of outre sex, and whether having a thing for Asian guys is ok.Also, a new study suggests evolutionary biologists...This week, we interview, at length, Lisa Hoehn—actually a genuine and full-time professional Tinder Cyrano.Also up for discussion: the joys of lazy sex, the terrors of vagina-spanking, controversial views on lubricants, and the most psychotic...We’re joined by “Sylvia,” the anonymous creator of the blog “How to Make Me Come,” which is now a podcast as well.She tells us about the impetus to create an online compendium of real women sharing exact instructions for...You know that thing when you go to a party and nobody talks to you? Special guest Anna Pulley explains the agony of awkward orgy-going and how to troubleshoot it.

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We also talk about the people using airbnb as a hook-up app (and whether...

Meanwhile, a new 3-D sex movie features a history-making...