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19-Jun-2015 22:22

The skunk will be trapped inside but it will be unharmed.

There are also covers that are made for these traps. The cover will block the vision of the skunk so it cannot spray.

Once the skunk is inside the trap a person can call the animal welfare society to come and pick it up.

A skunk can be transported up to 10 miles away in this trap and then be released.

A small amount of food is set inside the trap and it is place outside.

Skunks tend to like canned tuna, cat food, bacon, or even a little bit of peanut butter on bread.

Skunks can get into the trash and cause a big mess. There are some simple and humane ways to trap a skunk and have it relocated so it is no longer a nescience.

Humane Skunk Traps If a homeowner has pets and leaves dog or cat food outside they should first start by taking the food in the house.

Skunks are attracted to this food and will come close to the home to look for it.If that does not work a person can purchase or rent a live humane trap.