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Though a nuclear winter evolved into half man half Ice, to crush his enemys in mortal combat. This skin uses a few shaders so better if u turn lightmap on to see this evil XAERO skin in action!Ice skin was made for the Grunt model." | 140.02 KB This is my first skin release and it is not perfect, but wanted to allow it to be available to anyone who is interested... | 94.49 KB Black Knight- An evil knight with intentions on killing all those who stand in his path to become the ultimate fighter.She's the violent type and will attack anyone with brutal | 93.97 KB "I started this skin with the idea of creating a gladiator type skin, but someone commented that the lower armour looked like ribs, so I tried to make it look like a 'fusion' of armour and organic material and it came out ok." | 164.47 KB I liked the model very much ,the shoulder armor is from the original all ive done is lightened it up and drawn a few things on it so i guess some of the credit should go to the author of the skin and model daz." | 1.72 MB The Ali G modelskin for Quake III Arena Now includes {GWF}Zephyrus's clan skin Author: Alex RPM [GWF] MAX ])AMAGE Models used: Xaeros head. It's basically Zael after an accident with the Lightning Gun and some reconstruction with the Blood Metal.| 536.5 KB This is the Greymon, he is the next stage in the life of Grim.He is now even more alien than before and has a cooler shader.This is my first proper skin and I would like to know what you think of or comments are perfectly ok as long as you don't say it to my face ;)" | 432.39 KB Quote, "Ice rose up form the icey hell, of planet forgoth. | 148.89 KB ~§úb 0~ is a "Mortal Kombat" character. The vadrigar saw this and decided to test his skills and see if he was worthy or not.

However, the heathens were smarter and made gargoyles in order to worship the land.| 175.29 KB "General Rika is a high ranking general of Thracia who doesn't like obeying any of President Trabant IV's orders (because the president is a lot more peaceful than his father). Ali G is a white man from Staines who | 139.24 KB Death Knight -An ancient warrior resurrected by the vadrigar to test the skills of the warriors in the arena. The deathknight is basically a knight with a rotten skin look, and ancient armor that's decayed to give t | 450.21 KB Essentially, I though the Zael skin was a bit boring compared to the Uriel default skin, so I decided to make one with some character.